Chris Lopez, according to Kailyn Lowry, is abusing government assistance.


Chris Lopez, according to Kailyn Lowry, is abusing government assistance.

Kailyn Lowry, star of “Teen Mom 2,” accused her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez of “abusing” government aid. Lowry has been blasting Lopez for not paying his portion of their sons’ medical expenditures, while Lopez has been slamming Lowry for not paying his share.

Lopez — the father of 4-year-old Lux and 1-year-old Creed — stated that Lowry doesn’t want to put their sons on Medicaid, but Lowry maintained that there was more to the tale.

According to a screenshot taken by the fan account Teen Mom Shade Room, one fan inquired, “What’s wrong with Medicaid?”

Lowry said, “Absolutely nothing.” “I just won’t support it if I know it’s being abused.”

Lowry and Lopez’s current feud began when the “Teen Mom 2” star claimed her ex fled to Miami instead of paying for their sons’ hospital visits.

“That being said,” Lowry told Teen Mom Chatter, “you should take care of your financial duties to your children before going on a trip to Miami.”

“You should respond to text messages concerning overdue medical expenses. Before you leave, you should attend to any needs your child may have.”

Despite the fact that she claimed the money was for Creed’s “doctor and chest X-ray,” the mother-of-four released images showing she sought $50 from Lopez on Venmo and was denied.

“Right now, I’m with them.” According to Teen Mom Shade Room, Lowry said on Instagram, “I already pay $600/each for health insurance.” “I’d appreciate it if you could send the balances.” They stated you could pay over the phone by calling them directly.”

Lopez implied that Lowry was ‘too good’ for Medicaid.
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Lopez’s conflict with Lowry heated up when he claimed the actress was “too good” to receive Medicaid for their children.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Chris said on his podcast, “P.T.S.D.,” “If you’re going to tell a story, tell the complete story.”

“You can’t only tell the part of a narrative that makes the other person appear terrible.” “Tell everyone everything.”

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