Fans have slammed a former ‘Bachelorette’ star for ‘exploiting’ her children.


Fans have slammed a former ‘Bachelorette’ star for ‘exploiting’ her children.

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, the former “Bachelorette,” has been attacked online by admirers who claim she has been “exploiting” her children.

The mother-of-two frequently posts images and videos of her two children, Molly and Riley, on social media, and fans have been thrilled to be a small part of their life as they’ve grown up. Some “Bachelorette” fans, on the other hand, had a different reaction to one of Manno’s recent posts.

Manno decided to chastise Molly because she hadn’t been on her best behavior. She told Molly that she had the option of skipping Trick-or-Treating or losing her piggy bank money. Molly decided to give up her money in order to go gather candy (though Molly did seem to say that she would have rather kept the money later in the video). Manno recorded the conversation and shared it on her Instagram Stories.

What happened afterwards, on the other hand, infuriated many supporters.

What you need to know is as follows:

Manno asked his followers to vote on the chores Molly should do to get her money back.
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Ali Manno (Fedotowsky) (@ali.manno) shared a post.

“What should her first task be to recoup her losses?” According to the poll, Here’s an example of a screenshot. On the poll, there were two possibilities. One was “picking up her toys” while the other was feeding the family’s dog, Owen.

“[Molly] will do both things at some point today, but what should she start with?” Manno wrote beneath the poll in a caption.

Molly was cleaning up in the backyard in another video. Manno did not say whether she revealed the vote results or had Molly fulfill the chores in the sequence indicated by her Instagram followers.

Manno’s fans on Reddit expressed their displeasure with her after she shared the poll.
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Ali Manno (Fedotowsky) (@ali.manno) shared a post.

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