In an emotional video, Brad Keselowski bids farewell to Team Penske.


In an emotional video, Brad Keselowski bids farewell to Team Penske.

Brad Keselowski is saying his goodbyes to Team Penske as he prepares to end his tenure with the organization, which began in 2010. He’s posted a heartfelt video reflecting on his time with Team Penske and the significance of owner Roger Penske in his championship-winning career.

Keselowski was seen in the video sitting between two of his stock cars and the trophies that they had helped him win. On his right was the No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge, and on his left was the No. 22 Discount Tire Dodge. Keselowski talked about how he heard about Penske and his lineage before he started racing, and then he went into detail about how they converted the NASCAR team into a championship contender.

I consider myself really fortunate to be a part of something that makes saying goodbye so difficult. I’ll be eternally grateful for everything we’ve accomplished together over the last 12 years. It’s been an unbelievable journey, to say the least. @Team Penske

November 3, 2021 — Brad Keselowski (@keselowski)

In the video, Keselowski says, “What strikes out to me the first year or two is how great things were going on the Xfinity side and how horribly things were going on the Cup side.” “It was such a strange moment in my life because I’d run the preliminary races and feel like I was on top of the world, and then race the Cup races and feel like a nothing.” Roger Penske’s willingness to collaborate with me throughout the process was critical to our success, and I’ll never forget that period.”

Keselowski talked about the “near to 500 people” that work for Team Penske for a long period. He added that they all contributed to his quick stock cars, which helped him win numerous races and turn the organization into a contender.

Since 2011, Keselowski has won at least one race in every season.

While the veteran driver won the Nationwide Series — now known as the Xfinity Series — championship in 2010 with six wins and 26 top-five finishes, he struggled to find success in the Cup Series right away. In his first season at the pro level, he was winless and only finished in the top ten twice.

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