In Season 8, a new Fortnite tease brings back the Zero Point.


In Season 8, a new Fortnite tease brings back the Zero Point.

Fans can now focus on what’s left of Fortnite Season 8 and what it means for the plot moving forward now that Fortnitemares is ended.

There’s a growing idea that Season 8 will be the final season of Chapter 2, with the next season being a new chapter entirely. There’s not a lot of evidence to back that up right now, but Fortnite streamer SypherPK claims to have received information to the contrary.

On November 3, we were given yet another tease, this time from Epic Games’ chief creative officer, Donald Mustard. He didn’t tweet anything, but his Twitter header teases us this time.

Mustard usually updates his location on Twitter as well as his header image right before or right after a new season begins, so this change suggests something significant is on the way. The only problem is that we have no idea what’s going on, so let’s simply take a look and speculate.

Returns to Zero Point


And the photo in the bio is of “Reality Zero.”

3 November 2021 HYPEX (@HYPEX)

Donald Mustard has changed his banned to a picture of the Zero Point, as first pointed up by HYPEX, implying that we aren’t done seeing this little ball yet.

In Chapter 2, the Zero Point had an unusual voyage, with Galactus attempting to eat it at one point and then spending a whole season exposed in the map’s center.

This bright ball has a significant role in Fortnite, and anyone who has followed the story thus far understands how crucial it is.

It was most recently used as the impetus for Batman’s foray into the realm of Fortnite. In that miniseries, it was revealed that there is a link between the DC Comics universe and Fortnite, which Doctor Slone will use frequently in the future.

As a result, The Batman Who Laughs has made an appearance in Fortnite. Other than the fact that it can’t be, we don’t know what the future holds for the Zero Point. Nokia News – Quick Recap


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