Is it Tank Time? After a dreadful start, one insider believes the Celtics should make a bold move.


Is it Tank Time? After a dreadful start, one insider believes the Celtics should make a bold move.

The Celtics are 2-5, have lost three straight games, and are coming off one of the most disappointing and humiliating losses in recent memory—a 14-point fourth-quarter lead that turned into a 14-point loss to Chicago. That is the first time in NBA history that a team has led by that much in the fourth quarter and then lost by that much.

After that, point guard Marcus Smart threw stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown under the bus, saying they “don’t want to pass.” Seven games into the season, things aren’t looking good—but are you really ready for the Celtics to blow everything up and go into tank mode?

Jeff Goodman, a longtime basketball journalist and NBA insider for Stadium, said as much on the Toucher and Rich show on 98.5 in Boston. Goodman interjected when one of the hosts stated that the Celtics do not want to waste this season.

“I believe you do,” he answered. “I believe you want to waste a season.” “Because mediocrity will do nothing to benefit this team.” This year, they’re not going anywhere. They could be able to sneak into the playoffs. I’ve mentioned it before, but I believe they’re in the play-in range. Why not suck it up and obtain a great draft pick?”

And, as I’ve been saying for the past year, Tatum and Brown don’t get along. They simply do not.

They don’t have a PG, however, to make their life easy. The Smart/Schroder combination is one of the league’s worst.

November 2, 2021 — Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanHoops)

The Celtics have been pushed by Goodman to trade Brown for Bradley Beal.

Goodman mentioned Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren and Duke’s Paolo Banchero as potential Celtics draft picks. Of course, this would allow the Celtics to start over with youth, but it would not alleviate the team’s point guard deficit. However, according to Goodman, dealing one of the Celtics’ two stars would allow the team to bring in a point guard down the road or simply trade for a guy like the Wizards’ Bradley Beal.

As has been widely reported, Beal is Tatum’s boyhood pal and would,… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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