Jason Kelce Discusses the Eagles’ Identity and the Viral ‘Roots’ Video.


Jason Kelce Discusses the Eagles’ Identity and the Viral ‘Roots’ Video.

Nick Sirianni comparing the Philadelphia Eagles to flowers sparked a lot of jokes. The metaphor was intended to convey internal progress as the team gradually develops from week to week. The Eagles then scored 350 total yards in a 44-6 victory.

It was no laughing matter that the offensive outburst snapped a two-game losing streak. Following Sirianni’s post-game statement in the locker room, Jason Kelce was included in a video released by the Eagles in which he rips down the squad. “Keep those roots growing baby, roots on three!” exclaims the All-Pro center.

Kelce’s phrase appeared to be well planned, a clever method to deflect attention away from Sirianni, who had been chastised for it. Was it a spur-of-the-moment decision? When Kelce met with media to discuss the Los Angeles Chargers, he disputed that the celebration was planned. He was reiterating the topic.

“It wasn’t premeditated; he [Sirianni] asked me to break it down.” Kelce stated, “I went up there and roots felt good.” “That had been the week’s theme. We won the game, but the whole objective of the competition was for us to keep improving and evolving. We’re still not where we need to be, and we’re still not good enough, so it just seemed right.”

“Have fun with this one tonight… Tomorrow is the start of round nine.”

@novacare | #FlyEaglesFly pic.twitter.com/PmvGFTSTiE Coach Sirianni’s locker room message following the win over Detroit.

November 1, 2021 — Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles)

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Don’t make a pigeon-hole out of their identity.

In a grind-it-out, smash-mouth contest against Detroit, the Eagles rushed for a season-high 236 yards. Four of the touchdowns were scored on the ground, with the other coming on a fumble recovery by the defense. After scooping up 36 yards on their first five plays, the offensive linemen urged Sirianni to keep rushing. He paid attention to them.

Kelce stated, “We can definitely get physical.” “I believe we’ve demonstrated that if we need to be [physical]or are requested to be [physical], we can certainly do so.”

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