Jonathan Knight’s childhood home has been put up for sale.


Jonathan Knight’s childhood home has been put up for sale.

As a member of New Kids on the Block, Jonathan Knight rose to prominence. With his hit HGTV show “Farmhouse Fixer,” he’s gaining a whole new audience these days. The show has just received a second season renewal. Since leaving New Kids on the Block in 1994, Knight has been refurbishing homes for 27 years.

According to Boston magazine, Jonathan and his brother Jordan grew up in a lovely Victorian mansion with their four siblings and parents in the Boston suburb of Dorchester. The star of “Farmhouse Fixer” has put his boyhood home on the market.

What you need to know is as follows:

For $1.7 million, Jonathan Knight’s childhood home is up for sale.
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Jonathan and Jordan grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts, at 10 Melville Avenue with their family. The 6,058-square-foot property includes nine bedrooms, which is ideal for the Knight family’s six children. Mornings getting ready for school must have been chaotic with three full bathrooms and two half bathrooms. According to the real estate ad, the Victorian-style home is for sale for $1,795,000.

According to the New York Times, Jonathan’s parents paid $25,000 for the house in the 1970s.

According to the listing, George Meacham built the house around 1880. Meacham is most known for his work on the Boston Public Garden. There are 23 rooms in the house. The Knight family is not the house’s most recent owner or occupant. The mansion was used for community services and religious ceremonies, according to the listing. A pipe that burst when it froze has caused some damage to the house. Several rooms have also been stripped to their bare studs.

The Salvation Army, according to Boston magazine, is the current owner of the former Knight family house. In 1996, the Knight family donated the house to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army then converted the house into a residence for local college students who were serving in the community’s ministry. It was dubbed “Jubilee House.”

Jonathan Knight’s mother lives on the estate he built for his family.

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