Kemba Walker, a Knicks star, addresses a major concern: ‘We Gotta Fix It.’


Kemba Walker, a Knicks star, addresses a major concern: ‘We Gotta Fix It.’

The New York Knicks have had a wonderful start to the season, with a 5-2 record through seven games, but despite their early success, there has been a concerning trend that has emerged.

The Knicks first showed signs of this in a double overtime triumph over the Boston Celtics to start the season, when they blew a late double digit lead but still managed to win.

However, they blew a 15-point lead against the Toronto Raptors, who were missing top player Pascal Siakam, and lost.

Obviously, this isn’t a recipe for long-term success, despite the fact that the Knicks have been quite fortunate thus far.

Kemba Walker, the starting point guard, is fully aware of this, and he has pointed to it as an area that needs to be cleaned up in the future.

Walker accepts responsibility.

Walker believes it is his responsibility as one of the team’s leaders to prevent this from happening.

“I think we just get a little comfortable at times,” Walker told the New York Post. “We’ve had enormous leads, and we’ve simply kind of coughed them up.” We have to improve. Personally, I’ve had to improve my command of the team, ensuring that the tempo remains consistent. We need to improve our huddles; we need to talk more about it and figure out what’s been harming us and what’s been going on throughout these massive leads. It’s up to us to fix it.”

Despite the fact that the offense is primarily led by Julius Randle, Walker still has a significant impact on the game’s pace. Of course, blowing large leads in the NBA is nothing new in this day and age. A 20-point lead can be wiped out in the blink of an eye if one side gets hot from three.

Coach Tom Thibodeau emphasized this concept, saying it is critical to comprehend.

“Leads vanish… just because of the way teams hit 3-pointers,” he explained. “You can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. You let your guard down and allow up three three-pointers in transition in a minute, resulting in a ten-point loss. It has the potential to go swiftly. As a result, no lead is safe.”

Can the Knicks make a comeback?

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