Packers veteran responds with a viral video after being chewed out by Aaron Rodgers.


Packers veteran responds with a viral video after being chewed out by Aaron Rodgers.

For one thing, Lucas Patrick has no qualms about being jawed out by his Hall of Fame quarterback.

The Green Bay Packers’ fifth-year offensive tackle was asked how it feels to have Aaron Rodgers, who has been known to chastise players for making needless errors on occasion, deliver on-field criticism of his play.

Patrick’s retort was as considerate as they come.

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Patrick provides an excellent analogy for on-the-field criticism.

Patrick, a former UDFA out of Duke, has seen his role with the Packers grow over the years. He was on the practice squad in 2016, but made the roster the following year and hasn’t looked back since. He has largely acted as a backup offensive lineman, stepping up at a variety of positions from center to right guard when needed.

Like several other Packers players over the years, the versatile interior o-lineman has received some mid-game yelling from Rodgers if he, for example, botches a snap or misses an assignment. Some have chastised Rodgers for his on-field criticism, but his teammates don’t appear to have a problem with it.

When challenged about Rodgers’ penchant for berating players for mental errors, Patrick responded thoughtfully, using the appropriate comparison in a video that has nearly 700,000 views:

That is an excellent question. The best way to put it is that everyone has an emotional bank account with other people. Hopefully, yours, quote-unquote, has a large sum of money. As an example, I look at my emotional bank account with a lot of men in this locker room, and there have been a lot of deposits, which you guys don’t get to see. They can happen on a daily basis. They can be as frequent as once a week. Every two or three months, there’ll be a major one. But, for the most part, you can see the withdrawals, which is OK. When someone makes a deposit, whether it’s large, small, gradual, or whatever, there’s emotional credit to be given out when they make a withdrawal. So whenever [Aaron Rodgers] says or does something, that’s how I feel. That’s exactly how I feel about a lot of… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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