Reams Production for Forced Dress Code wins Survivor.


Reams Production for Forced Dress Code wins Survivor.

Parvati Shallow, a participant on Survivor, has recently brought the show into the spotlight for forcing contestants to battle in their underwear, a move that has sparked debate among the show’s fan base and alumni.

“Give Them Some Dignity,” Shallow says of the Survivor production’s dress code.

Shallow appeared on Rob Cesternino’s Rob Has a Podcast recently to review the show’s newest season, Survivor 41, but ended up giving much more than just her thoughts on the most recent episode.

Shallow veered off topic while discussing the most recent modifications to the show’s new season, contrasting how the cameramen were now shown, while candidates were still displayed in their underwear. She went on to say:

People are still dressed in their pyjamas.

So, I’m sorry, but one of these items must be removed. People must either slip into bathing suits or keep the cameramen hidden behind the scenes.

Shallow, who competed in season 40: Winners at War, stated that she, too, was forced to wear panties while filming, despite the fact that she had not been required to do so in any of the previous seasons. “I gave it my all,” she remarked. “I was thinking, ‘I just gave birth to a baby.’ I’m not going out in my underpants. I’m starting to feel like a mother. I’m in desperate need of a bathing suit.”

Fans of the show appear to be on Shallow’s side. “Feel like if there’s any past cast member who producers might listen to about this issue, Parvati is the one,” one Reddit user remarked. It’s commendable of her to bring it up since it’s a rule that has to be changed.”

“Go Parv, go!!” was another common comment. I’m really hoping they get some freakin’ swimsuits next season.”

Shallow wasn’t the only one who was offended by the new regulation. Elaine Stott, a competitor on season 39: Island of the Idols, told Insider in a June 2021 interview that production forced she wear “shorter panties than I would ever wear” when choosing her attire. “Listen, I’ll do anything you want me to do, I don’t care,” she stated after production agreed to let her bring her beloved hat to the island as a compromise: “I said, ‘Listen, I’ll do whatever you want me to do, I don’t care.'” “I only need to get my hat,” she explained.

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