The Jets’ response to trade calls for Denzel Mims has erupted on Twitter.


The Jets’ response to trade calls for Denzel Mims has erupted on Twitter.

The NFL trade deadline passed, and the New York Jets were involved in a few transactions, but not the ones that many expected.

The most prevalent opinion among armchair analysts was that the Green and White should completely overhaul its wide receiver room and sell some key players to the league’s top contenders.

The Jets apparently didn’t take the outside noise seriously since they did the exact opposite.

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No way, you’re not getting any of it.

Joe Douglas, the general manager, has made news for his stance that if someone calls about a trade, he will always pick up the phone. During his brief tenure as CEO, there have been a few instances where this hasn’t been the case.

Denzel Mims, a second-year wide receiver, has been a divisive figure on 1 Jets Drive.

This calendar year has seen him go through a lot of ups and downs, which has limited his playing time. Several NFL clubs called on Tuesday, November 2 to see if they could pry Mims free with his evident potential and an inexpensive contract for the next few years.

According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, the calls arrived in quick succession. “Whenever a team has phoned to inquire about Mims, the Jets’ response has been a continuous no,” he said.

When the Jets’ Twitter learned about it, they went crazy on social media:

I’m glad to hear it, and I’m looking for a Mims redemption story on TNF.

November 2, 2021 — Mike Sackett (@mikesackett85)

Mike, if Mims gets you that “tuddie,” it will be the first of his NFL career. On Sunday, the second-year wideout had a chance to score against the Cincinnati Bengals, but slid and was smacked in the chest by the ball.

They should, after all. Every team requires a deep threat, and he is unquestionably that. You’ll see Mims blossom after OC figures out how to integrate him in.

November 2, 2021 — KeepTheChange (@onetakejayy)

One way the Jets should be is as a deep vertical threat… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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