What Happened to the Original Pike from “Star Trek”? ..


What Happened to the Original Pike from “Star Trek”? ..

Captain Christopher Pike was the captain before James Tiberius Kirk in the original series of “Star Trek.” There have been quite a few Captain Pikes. A wheelchair-bound Pike from “The Menagerie,” as well as Bruce Greenwood’s Kelvin timeline. “Strange New Worlds,” a “Star Trek” series set to premiere in 2022, will follow the legendary crew of the USS Enterprise prior to Kirk; Anson Mount will reprise his role as Captain Pike from “Star Trek: Discovery.”

But what happened to the actor who played Captain Christopher Pike in the first film?

pic.twitter.com/8keObzPcSQ Jeffrey Hunter

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Jeffery Hunter, the Original Pike, is introduced.

Henry Herman McKinnies Jr., also known as Hank, was born on November 25, 1926, and became Jeffery Hunter. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but relocated to Wisconsin shortly after. Hunter was a football player who graduated from the University of Wisconsin.

He joined the US Navy during WWII and worked in the communications branch. He finished with a Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University after being honorably discharged, and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue his graduate degree at UCLA.

In Nicholas Ray’s film KING OF KINGS (1961), Jeffrey Hunter plays Jesus Christ.


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Hunter has portrayed Jesus, War Heroes, and Cowboys, among others.

Hunter had been acting since he was a teenager, according to Star Trek. In the film “Julius Caesar,” starring Charlton Heston, he got his big break (as Marc Antony). His career took off from there. Hunter starred opposite John Wayne in “The Searchers” and as Jesus Christ in “King of Kings.”

One of his most notable performances was in Temple Houston, where he played the main character, a cowboy who resembled the “Maverick.”

Hunter was able to rub elbows with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, like Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood, Barbara Rush, Gregory Peck, and others, thanks to his Tinseltown lifestyle.

Roddenberry was a big fan of western movies. One has to question whether that was what drew him to Hunter in the first place. After all, “Star Trek” was supposed to be a science fiction… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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