Why Are Tatum and Brown’s Next Steps the Most Difficult to Take? Brad Stevens


Why Are Tatum and Brown’s Next Steps the Most Difficult to Take? Brad Stevens

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have had a difficult start to the season. Both teams have struggled to maintain consistency, with only two wins in their first seven games.

According to NBA Stats, Tatum leads the league in field-goal attempts, averaging 30 per game but only converting 31.3 percent of them. To make matters worse, Tatum’s conversion % is dead last among players who average 20 or more field goals per game.

Brown’s issues haven’t been as visible, but after the Boston Celtics’ first loss against the Washington Wizards on October 28th, head coach Ime Udoka described Brown’s fluctuating effort levels as “mind-boggling.”

President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens spoke with Michael Holley in an exclusive conversation about the star duo’s troubles and why reaching that “next step” is the most difficult improvement of all.

“When it comes to our two young lads, Jaylen and Jayson, their future steps are difficult. Because of their current situation. They’ve already climbed quite a few steps. Jayson is an All-Star and a two-time All-Star, so those next stages take a long time,” Stevens said of the Celtics’ youthful duo’s growing pains early in the season.

Despite the current media focus surrounding the Celtics’ two All-Star wings, Brown and Brown are still averaging 26.7 and 25.7 points per game, respectively (Tatum). Developing consistency, however, is what Stevens believes will propel them to the next level.

“It’s difficult to say they should be even more constant because statistically, they’re pretty darn consistent.” “Everyone has a bad night now and then, but when you’re the boys, every night is a heavier load with greater duty,” Stevens explained. “However, those guys have broad shoulders and work.”

Down the stretch, teams attack Tatum and Brown.

Marcus Smart believes the team’s problems are attributable to their predictable offense down the stretch, rather than a lack of quality. “To stop Jayson and Jaylen, every squad has been programmed and evaluated. Everyone’s scouting report, I believe, is to get those guys to try to pass the ball.” Following the Celtics’ fourth-quarter collapse against the Chicago Bulls, Smart spoke to the media.

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