Andy Cohen Teases New ‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ Episode.


Andy Cohen Teases New ‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ Episode.

The “Real Housewives” series is coming to Dubai soon, and Andy Cohen is leaking all the details on the upcoming show.

Cohen shared more about the future franchise’s cast during a recent interview on “Live With Kelly and Ryan.” Cohen declared, “It’s cast.” “We haven’t made the cast announcement yet.” It’s a fantastic group of pals.”

“Well, it’s a billionaire’s playground,” Cohen remarked. They’re going to give the ladies of Beverly Hills a run for their money.”

During an appearance on the “Today Show” on November 1, Cohen introduced the new franchise.

“Get your passports, our 11th city!” says the narrator. During his appearance, Cohen said. “We’re headed to ‘The Real Housewives of Dubai,’ the billionaire’s playground, the city of gold, the desert oasis.” “This is going to blow the franchise’s lid off.”

The New Franchise Is Upsetting Some Fans

The real housewives of Dubai teaser refers to Dubai as the “land of opportunity,” however 90 percent of housewives fans could be condemned to death there because to their sexuality photos.

@joshcharles 21 — Joshua (@joshcharles 21) 1 November 2021

Following Cohen’s introduction of the new franchise, some fans expressed their displeasure on social media, citing certain of Dubai’s rules as a source of concern. The idea of a new franchise didn’t appear to thrill many fans.

“Something feels a little sick about the real housewives of Dubai teaser calling it the ‘country of opportunity’ since 90% of housewives fans might be put to death there for their sexuality,” one Twitter user remarked.

“I honestly can’t get behind Real Housewives of Dubai-now Andy’s just mocking us about the cravenness of how these ppl obtain and keep their wealth,” one user tweeted. The level of labor exploitation in Dubai is just too much for me to ‘enjoy’ their small adventures.” “No the more I…,” wrote another commenter. Nokia News – Quick Recap


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