During filming, a member of the cast of ‘The Challenge’ clarifies a pregnancy rumor.


During filming, a member of the cast of ‘The Challenge’ clarifies a pregnancy rumor.

Bettina Buchanan, one of the cast members on “The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies,” announced last week that she was pregnant while filming and only discovered when she was removed and went home. That was the third season in a row that a cast member admitted to competing while expecting a child.

There were speculations that Faith Stowers was pregnant during filming of “War of the Worlds 2,” and that this was a role in her choice to leave the program in the second episode, leading to speculation that it was the fourth season in a row. Faith, in response to the resurrected claims, took to social media to clarify that she didn’t leave because she found out she was pregnant and to explain why she left.

Faith joined “The Challenge” from “Vanderpump Rules” as Angela Babicz’s partner on “Final Reckoning,” and the two were evicted by Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield in the eighth episode, and were sent home for good from the redemption house two episodes later.

Faith was caught in the center of the conflict between Kyle Christie and Cara Maria Sorbello during her time on “Final Reckoning.” She reappeared as a Team USA cast member for “War of the Worlds 2,” but quit after an argument with Stephen Bear of the United Kingdom in the second episode.

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Faith has responded to reports that she discovered she was pregnant while filming ‘War of the Worlds 2’.
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Faith Stowers (@kingfaithhope) shared a post.

“I’m not sure why I’m featured in this article, but the headline is incredibly deceptive to the public,” Faith captioned a screenshot of a Us Weekly article that put her on a list of women who found out they were pregnant during “The Challenge.” “I didn’t find out about my pregnancy while filming ‘The Challenge’ or previously.” She went on to say:

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