If the Vaccine Mandate is lifted, the Nets would ‘welcome’ Kyrie Irving back.


If the Vaccine Mandate is lifted, the Nets would ‘welcome’ Kyrie Irving back.

It’s possible that the Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving situation may be resolved shortly. Because of the entrance of a new mayor in New York City, not because of anything the team or the NBA has done. Eric Adams won the job in the city election on Tuesday, and there are signs that when he takes office on January 1, he may abolish the COVID-19 rule that has barred Irving from playing this season.

Before Wednesday’s win over the Hawks, coach Steve Nash indicated that if Adams lifts the mandate, the team would have no problem bringing Irving back as quickly as possible.

“I may be speaking out of turn,” Nash remarked, “but I think he would be welcome back, for sure, if the mandate changes.”

Irving refused to answer questions regarding his immunization status during a media day in late September. However, he never joined the team at its facilities and has since left the Nets. Even before Nash said anything, there had been hints that the Nets would be happy to bring Irving back in as soon as he was ready to play.

Steve Nash on Kyrie Irving’s future in New York City if Mayor-elect Eric Adams repeals the city’s vaccine mandate:

“If the mandate changes, he’d be more than welcome back.” pic.twitter.com/RktJwZkS7a

— @SNYNets (@NetsVideos) November 3, 2021

‘I Have All the Patience!’ says Joe Tsai. With Kyrie, it’s a different story.

The Nets had the option of enabling Irving to practice outside of town and travel with the team. However, as it became evident that he would not be able to play in Brooklyn as long as the mandate remained in place, the management decided to keep him away from the team until he could join full-time.

“Obviously Kyrie has his own belief, so I respect that,” Nets owner Joe Tsai told ESPN last month when defending the Nets’ choice. However, we must make a decision as a group. This isn’t a decision that has anything to do with him. This is a decision concerning our team’s direction. And having a squad with a guy that comes in and out, with no home, is simply not tenable… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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