Jeff Probst’s 60th Birthday Is Celebrated With His Funniest Moments.


Jeff Probst’s 60th Birthday Is Celebrated With His Funniest Moments.

Jeff Probst, the most famous “Survivor” host, will celebrate his 60th birthday on November 4, 2021. To commemorate the occasion, we’d like to review some of the Emmy-winning host’s most hilarious “Survivor” moments.

Probst is a quitter’s worst nightmare.

On “Survivor,” there have been a number of quitters throughout the years, and Probst isn’t interested in their bullshit. “This is a first for me,” Probst told Osten Taylor on “Pearl Islands.” There is no need to vote or waste more time. Take out your torch. Go home, Osten, as per your wishes.”


He also had harsh remarks for NaOnka Mixon and “Purple” Kelly Shinn, who both quit at “Survivor: Nicaragua’s” Tribal Council. They demanded that their lamps be extinguished, which Probst refused to do because they were quitters. “We’re going to keep them here at Tribal Council,” says the narrator. They’ll serve as a reminder to you guys when you return as members of the jury of your decision to resign.”

When Colton Cumbie quit for the second time, Probst became enraged, exclaiming, “You’re quitting again?! … You returned because you stated, “I’ve changed, I’ve evolved, and I want to show everyone.” Now you’re doing the exact opposite… a very self-centered move.”

Benjamin ‘Coach’ Wade, The Dragonslayer, was a favorite of Probst’s.

By the time he finished his third season on “Survivor,” Benjamin “Coach” Wade had become a fan favorite, but when he initially started on the program, he was quite the source of comedy, and Probst relished making fun of his wild stories. Taj Johnson-George mentioned at one Tribal Council (video above) that Coach tells the finest stories around camp, such as the time he was kidnapped by a tribe in the Amazon and managed to escape by paddling down the Amazon River for two days.

“Coach, is it true that this happened?” “Five, six, seven, or eight life-or-death situations?” Probst inquired, adding, “Or this is a Hollywood version of what you want to happen?”

“Coach, you continue to miss out on these beautiful rewards,” Probst stated later during an immunity challenge. “All of your life experience isn’t going to help you out here.”

Finally, Coach waxed poetic about going up against the strongest competitors in a separate Tribal Council, to which Probst spat, “And then you voted off Brendan……” Nokia News – Quick Recap


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