Jonah Jackson Holds the Key to a Possible Lions Comeback.


Jonah Jackson Holds the Key to a Possible Lions Comeback.

As most people are aware, the Detroit Lions have struggled on the field throughout the 2021 season. Finding a method to change that in the second half is a significant priority for everyone on the team in order to put an end to the losses.

How can the team go about accomplishing this? Guard Jonah Jackson has an idea that, while not particularly attractive, has the potential to be beneficial in the long run. As Jackson stated, it is really about continuing to work hard and evaluating oneself.

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In an interview with the media published on Monday, November 1 on, Jackson stated that the team’s morale was not good following a loss. With that in mind, he believes the squad must find a way to keep looking for ways to improve.

“The mood is always fantastic after a loss,” Jackson said to the journalists. “Like I’ve said, it’s the guys in the building, the coaches, and everyone else, that actually make this thing happen. We must do an honest self-evaluation. Examine the footage, make improvements, and return to work.”

In terms of implementing those adjustments, Jackson said he’ll be on board with whatever the team comes up with to aid in the process of getting this done.

“I have faith in whatever the staff and coach Campbell are looking at,” Jackson added. “So, whatever the game plan is, we’re prepared to roll with it.”

To a man, Lions players continue to stress the importance of sticking together and focusing on self-improvement first. In that sense, it’s not a leap to suggest that the roster is completely set at this point.

Jackson’s 2021 work has ‘been impressive,’ according to an analyst.

While Jackson may be unconcerned with his own accolades, it’s been evident for some time that he’s working hard to prepare for this season. Bleacher Report analyst Brandon Thorn took some time after the Lions’ heartbreaking loss to the Eagles to point out how amazing Jackson has looked… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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