Kenny Clark, Aaron Jones Let your voice be heard on Aaron Rodgers’s criticism.


Kenny Clark, Aaron Jones Let your voice be heard on Aaron Rodgers’s criticism.

The Green Bay Packers are still grieving from the news that starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers will miss the team’s Week 9 away game against the Kansas City Chiefs due to the COVID-19 protocol, but don’t expect any of the team’s other players to put the team’s leader under the bus.

Reporters focused a large portion of the Packers’ media availability on November 3 on Rodgers and his placement on the reserve/COVID-19 list, asking questions ranging from when the team first learned he wouldn’t be available against the Chiefs to whether the three-time MVP is vaccinated, which head coach Matt LaFleur repeatedly refused to reveal despite numerous requests.

“Again, you guys are trying to get me to answer whether or not a guy is vaccinated or unvaccinated in a convoluted way, and I’m not going to,” LaFleur said roughly 10 minutes into his Wednesday press conference with reporters. “I’m not going to that place.”

During LaFleur’s press conference, as well as running back Aaron Jones and nose tackle Kenny Clark’s, the Packers had to deal with one very critical question: Were any of them convinced that Rodgers’ refusal to be immunized was a “selfish” decision?

Jones had no intention of succumbing to the temptation.

Jones replied, “I don’t think it’s a selfish decision,” after first declining to reveal whether Rodgers had been vaccinated. “There are guys in the league who aren’t immunized, and I don’t believe it means they aren’t devoted to their team.” He’s our captain, and he’s just as committed to our team as everyone else in the locker room. “Just because you have a certain status does not imply that you are uncommitted or uncommitted.”

When the news about Rodgers broke, Aaron Jones stated he was in the back of the room. “I couldn’t get a good sense of it because I only saw the backs of everyone’s heads.” “Everyone basically shrugged it off and moved on.” #Packers

November 3, 2021 — MK Burgess (@MK Burgess)

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