Mike Holmes and his children are in a new HGTV show called “Holmes Family Rescue.”


Mike Holmes and his children are in a new HGTV show called “Holmes Family Rescue.”

Mike Holmes is a well-known Canadian contractor who is most known for his long-running television show “Holmes on Homes.” His new HGTV show, “Holmes Family Rescue,” has just been revealed. He’s collaborating with his son Michael and daughter Sherry to address issues that have arisen as a result of faulty renovations and construction.

In the same way that Mike Holmes’ original show “Holmes on Homes” helped correct faulty restorations, “Holmes Family Rescue” does the same. According to Holmes’ website, “Holmes on Homes” was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, and premiered on HGTV Canada in 2003. It aired until 2008.

Holmes announced on Facebook that “Holmes Family Rescue” will premiere on HGTV on December 4, 2021.

What you need to know is as follows:

Homeowners are being rescued by the Holmes family from botched renovations.
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We’ve all seen enough HGTV to know that even the most meticulously planned house improvements can go horribly wrong. Whether it’s due to unforeseen complications, a subpar contractor, or any of the other numerous reasons a renovation might go wrong, it’s always inconvenient and painful for the homeowners.

Mike Holmes and his children Michael and Sherry are launching a new show on HGTV called #MakeItRight (Holmes’ personal tagline), in which they help homeowners who have had home improvements go awry. “Mike Holmes will embark on his personal quest to “make things right” for homeowners who have fallen victim to irresponsible or dishonest contractors in the upcoming HGTV series “Holmes Family Rescue,” according to a press release from HGTV’s parent company Discovery.”

“These projects were incredibly significant to me and my crew,” Holmes wrote on Facebook about his new program. We grieved, we laughed, and we coped with labor and material limitations. Because of the pandemic, we had to adjust the way we shot. We demolished walls. We checked the quality of the air within the building and made structural repairs. We corrected risky electrical work that had been performed by unauthorized contractors. Above all, we aided those who had no one else to turn to. What a privilege it is to be entrusted with restoring their homes to their former glory.”

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