On protocol, Bills WRs saw a very different standard than Rodgers: Report.


On protocol, Bills WRs saw a very different standard than Rodgers: Report.

Two Buffalo Bills wide receivers were fined one of the highest amounts in the NFL in August for failing to follow proper COVID-19 policy for unvaccinated athletes.

According to new claims, Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay may have been held to a different standard. This week, Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19, prompting the NFL to launch an investigation into whether the Packers adequately enforced health and safety standards for the unvaccinated quarterback.

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Rodgers Resigns Due to Infection

After testing positive, the Packers quarterback will miss Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, according to NFL.com. He had not been vaccinated. The league responded by announcing that it would investigate the Packers organization to see if Rodgers was permitted to circumvent health and safety regulations. Rodgers often appeared at news conferences inside the team facility without a mask, which is against policy for an unvaccinated athlete, according to the article.

“Each club bears primary responsibility for enforcing the Covid regulations within club facilities,” the NFL said in a statement released Wednesday. “In the past, failure to properly follow the protocols resulted in disciplinary action being taken against individual clubs.” The NFL is aware of the present situation in Green Bay and will consult with the Packers about it.”

Other #Packers players have not been vaccinated, and they have been masked on the sidelines.

Rodgers hasn’t been masked, so either he wasn’t following protocol or the Packers were misinformed about his situation.

November 3, 2021 — Peter Bukowski (@Peter Bukowski)

Rodgers has skated around the topic of whether he was vaccinated, telling reporters in August that he was “immunized,” according to the NFL.com article. According to the report, Rodgers requested an exception based on COVID-19 antibody levels prior to the season, but the league denied him, and he was expected to follow the same standards as unvaccinated players.

Aaron Rodgers is not immune to the flu. In August, he made it very obvious that he is…. Nokia News – Quick Summary


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