Paul George believes the Clippers’ and NBA’s shooting woes are due to the new ball.


Paul George believes the Clippers’ and NBA’s shooting woes are due to the new ball.

There are probably no words to appropriately explain the Clippers’ poor shooting start to the season. Their 41.3 percent shooting from the field ranks 26th in the NBA, and just one season after leading the league in 3-point efficiency, they are now 21st, despite taking the third-most 3-point attempts.

Atrocious? Confounding?

Even in eking out their second win — a 99-94 comeback win over the very young and very beatable Thunder on Monday night, who had not held an opponent under 100 points in 44 straight games — L.A. had to overcome a dreadful first half in which they made less than a third of their field goal attempts and only 14.3 percent of their three-point attempts. The Clippers missed eight straight shots in the first quarter until Terance Mann scored, and then they missed five more in a row.

Though L.A. defrosted in the second half, connecting on 12-of-21 threes and outscoring OKC by 13 points in the fourth quarter, the first half continued a disappointing theme from recent games: not making open shots.

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According to, the Clippers are shooting sixth worst in the league when there is no defender inside six feet (“wide open”) and eighth worst when there is someone within four to six feet (“open”). When it comes to open and wide-open threes, their ranks only improve slightly.

Reggie Jackson, a 10-year veteran whose confidence is bordering on Hugh Hefner-like following a great postseason and a $22 million offseason contract, is shooting more shots than ever (16.7) but making them significantly less efficiently (31.0 percent ). Jackson was at a loss to explain his and the team’s shooting troubles after finishing 5-for-17 in the Thunder game.

“We’ve had nice shots all season, but I’m not sure.” “Halloween seems to have stuck with us,” Jackson remarked.

winger for the Clippers Paul George, on the other hand, believes that some of the problems are related to the game of basketball.

Basketballs, too, need to be broken in.

“It’s a different basketball,” George stated after the Thunder game, alluding to the new official NBA game ball created solely by Wilson that was introduced this season. Spalding is a term that has been used to describe… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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