Popular Survivor alum reveals if the show is real and if he will return.


Popular Survivor alum reveals if the show is real and if he will return.

As the latest season of Survivor approaches its halfway point, and host Jeff Probst has stated that returning players will likely not be asked back for a time, fans are asking if this is true, and who will join them if returning players are ever asked back.

Malcolm Freberg, a three-time Survivor contestant who is widely considered as one of the show’s most well-rounded and popular players, has opted to write an editorial for Insider answering some of his most frequently asked concerns, such as whether Survivor is real and whether he will ever return.

Freberg’s Final Word On Whether or Not The Show Is Real

Freberg, who has played in three seasons for a total of 79 days, would be the greatest judge of whether or not the awful living circumstances fans witness on video are real.

“The quick answer is: Yes, Survivor is real,” says the former player, who says this is “probably” the most prevalent question he gets.

“We are legitimately dropped on a desolate island with few supplies and left to fend for ourselves,” he continues. I’ve got the scars to prove it, both bodily and emotional.”

Freberg’s statement echoes other contestants’ reactions to the show’s reality, with one contestant, Kellyn Bechtold, claiming to have “multiple parasites, hookworms, and tapeworms” after her time on the show, and another, Andrea Boehlke, claiming to have spent an entire week in the hospital after returning home with a severe kidney infection.

He does admit, however, that editing can make things appear simpler than they are. “It took a long time to find idols — much longer than Survivor can realistically depict in an hourlong episode,” she says of finding immunity idols.

“It sometimes appears as if contestants wake up on day 10, realise they’re in trouble at the next tribal, and then spontaneously decide to seek for an idol, which they locate moments later,” he continues. That isn’t the way it works.” He claims that searching for immunity idols might take “hours and days,” and that the hunt is, of course, trimmed for television.

Freberg Reveals Whether He Will Return To Survivor For Another Season

Freberg, who is still active on Twitter and Instagram, was a contestant on the ninth season of Survivor… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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