Star of the Sixers Simmons, Ben Simple was turned down. Morey, Daryl Report is a request.


Star of the Sixers Simmons, Ben Simple was turned down. Morey, Daryl Report is a request.

Surely, by this point, we’ve all become tired of the Ben Simmons fiasco. Nonetheless, it goes on, with the latest twist being the Sixers star’s attempts to get into a suitable headspace before taking the court. Simmons was approached by Sixers president Daryl Morey about returning to play, according to NBA reporter Shams Charania of The Athletic, and Simmons’ reply was not exactly what Philly fans had in mind.

“Simmons reiterated that he is not yet mentally fit to play and is continuing to seek professional help,” Charania writes. Simmons’ return to the floor isn’t set in stone.”

76ers president Daryl Morey approached All-Star Ben Simmons today about his return to game action, according to sources, but Simmons reiterated that he is not yet psychologically ready to play and is seeking professional help. Simmons’ return to the court isn’t set in stone.

3 November 2021 — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania)

This comes just one day after an article stated that the Sixers are “increasingly irritated” with Simmons’ refusal to seek help from team doctors and other sources when it comes to his mental health. Simmons has gone to Sixers doctors for treatment with a back ailment, but not for mental health help, which he has exclusively sought through the players association, according to the site.

In essence, Simmons is stating that he is not mentally prepared to return to the floor while also stating that he will not discuss his mental fitness with anyone in the Sixers organization.

Sixers fans empathize with the team’s dissatisfaction.

Simmons’ fury is reasonable given the circumstances of his situation—he was a training-camp holdout demanding a trade until the Sixers began fining him over $2 million in total. Simmons created the scenario, thus he appears to bear responsibility for any mental agony caused by his refusal.

Sixers supporters aren’t alone in their dissatisfaction.

“Is he really going to keep using this as an excuse?” one person wondered, implying Simmons was lying about his mental health concerns. “Making a mockery of individuals who are going through difficult times.”

“He has no intention of playing, and the Sixers will call him out on it this week,” one said, almost optimistically. “If he refuses to give specifics… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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