The ‘Big Brother 23’ Couple Has Officially Ended Their Relationship.


The ‘Big Brother 23’ Couple Has Officially Ended Their Relationship.

Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez had a fling within the house, and Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao ended up dating after the season concluded.

Fans who have been following Birkenberger and Lopez closely since the season finale will not be surprised to learn that the couple has officially broken up in an interview with Us Weekly.

Lopez, 24, told the site, “Christian and I are simply friends.” “After the show, we realized that I have a career and he has a career, and we barely have time to spend out with friends.” As a result, having a relationship isn’t something we’re capable of.” Lopez is a model and Birkenberger is the co-founder of a swimsuit business.

On October 2, Birkenberger tweeted, “What does Chrisalyss & Wet cement have in common…?” Lopez and Birkenberger first hinted to their breakup on October 2. It’s only for 48 hours.” According to Us Weekly, Lopez and Birkenberger collaborated on the tweet. She explained, “We tried to make it hilarious.” “We were joking about it on the plane.”

The ‘Funny Story’ of How They Decided to End Their Relationship
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“It’s actually a really funny story,” Lopez said of their split chronology to Us Weekly. They arranged to start dating after “Big Brother” and planned for Birkenberger to appear on finale night while they were both on the show. The two days they were an official couple, though, were a bit overwhelming, according to Birkenberger.

“I was still getting used to it.” I wasn’t back to my old self. She was also gone for 15 minutes (of the Big Brother house). It was just a lot going on, and we really tried to make things work and see how things went within those two days of us being an official couple, but it wasn’t the same as it was on the show because it’s not the same environment,” Birkenberger said.

Lopez went on to say that they were at the airport together when Birkenberger told them what was on both of their phones… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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