The Mavericks’ guard is setting himself up for a big payday.


The Mavericks’ guard is setting himself up for a big payday.

The game was very much in doubt for Jason Kidd’s team when the third quarter shifted to the fourth during the Dallas Mavericks’ Wednesday matchup with the Spurs. The Mavericks had led for the majority of the first half, but the Spurs seized control and amassed a 10-point lead as the game neared its conclusion.

This would be Luka Doncic’s time under regular conditions. San Antonio, on the other hand, was Jalen Brunson’d on this particular night.

In the game, the fourth-year guard scored a game-high 31 points, 13 of which came in a row during the crucial last four minutes. He also had ten rebounds, three assists, and two steals on the night. As a result, the Mavericks were able to hold on for a 109-108 victory in San Antonio.

It was the difference in the game for Dallas, but Brunson’s effort was far from exceptional. He’s raised his game to a new level in the Mavs’ first eight games, and if he keeps it up, he could be in line for a major pay hike this offseason.

Kidd is enthralled by Brunson’s latest outburst.

While Brunson has raised some eyebrows throughout the league, perhaps no one appreciates his efforts more than Kidd, who gave the Villanova product high reviews after the most recent victory.

“From beginning to end, I thought Brunson was fantastic. Kidd remarked, “I felt he was outstanding last night, excellent carryover.”

Brunson’s ability to relieve some of the quarterbacking strain on Doncic, who has taken too much ownership of games at times, was highlighted by the Mavs coach.

“He assigns a second ballhandler to us.” Also, a person who can put the ball in the hoop and is at ease on the court with Luka. So I believe there was a lot of development in tonight’s game, not just from Brunson but also from Luka, who recognized that Brunson was leaving and gave the baton to him. Brunson drove us back to our house.”

“It starts with chemistry and accountability, but it also starts with trust,” Kidd concluded. Tonight, Luka put his faith in JB.”

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