‘The Voice’ has a lot of fans. After the Knockout Round, Coaches Lied to a Contestant.


‘The Voice’ has a lot of fans. After the Knockout Round, Coaches Lied to a Contestant.

For season 21, the Knockout Rounds on NBC’s “The Voice” have completed, and coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, and John Legend have fine-tuned their teams in preparation for the forthcoming live shows.

When it came to one specific Knockout round, though, several viewers thought the coaches were too lenient with a candidate who attempted to put her own take on a classic song.

All of the coaches save John Legend commended Katherine Ann Mohler’s performance after the show, however some fans agreed with Legend on Twitter.

Two Ariana Grande singing duos created their own versions of popular songs.

As members of Team Ariana on “The Voice,” Bella DeNapoli and Katherine Ann Mohler became fast friends, and the two elected to do the same thing in the Knockout Round. They both took well-known tunes and added their own spin to them. It was Sia’s “Chandelier” for DeNapoli, and Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” for Mohler.

Following the concerts, John Legend stated that the rendition of “Poison” did not work for him in the way that he desired.

To the women, Legend stated, “It’s such a courageous thing to perform something so drastically different from the original song.” “I’m not sure how the gamble paid off, but it was like… it was driving me insane.”

When it came to Mohler’s performance, he thought it was bold, but “the arrangement didn’t work for me all the time.”

The other coaches expressed their dissatisfaction.

On Twitter, viewers agreed with Legend, claiming that the other coaches were deceiving the woman.

“I thought you had it, Katherine,” one Twitter user said, “but I agree with John.. #thevoice.”

“Katherine is talented, but that song was not it for her,” wrote another. In my perspective, it didn’t fit her voice well.”

“The only person who told the truth about Katherine was John. Another user tweeted, “That s**t was a disaster.”

“Listening to everyone but John lie to Katherine #TheVoice,” one user wrote next to a photo of Wendy Williams with her glasses crooked.

Many others believed she had a lot of potential, but she didn’t pick the best song for her.

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