Whitney Port Tears Up As She Confirms Her Pregnancy.


Whitney Port Tears Up As She Confirms Her Pregnancy.

Whitney Port announced her pregnancy months after a miscarriage.

The Hills: New Beginnings star, 36, and her husband, Tim Rosenman, posted a video to their YouTube page in which they discussed their long quest to conceive as well as potential concerns in the early stages of her pregnancy.

Whitney, who has a 3-year-old son named Sonny with her husband, also revealed that she is “currently pregnant” on Instagram stories, but that it has been a “rollercoaster” and that she is still “very much tough and go.”

Whitney was overcome with emotion as she shared the news of her pregnancy.

Whitney broke down in a YouTube video (seen above) as she discussed how she exposes a lot of personal information on social media.

“I’m seven weeks pregnant right now, which is supposed to be great,” she stated in the video. “It was up until yesterday,” says the narrator.

The MTV personality claimed that she had been visiting the doctor and keeping track of her pregnancy, but that she had received some awful news.

“I went to the doctor yesterday and he did an ultrasound,” she explained, adding that the doctor was concerned about what he observed.

“He ordered me to get blood drawn because he was pessimistic about this pregnancy,” she explained. “I’ll get blood results back today and see if the numbers are going up or down.” “He believes they’ll most likely fail.”

Whitney went on to say that she was “possibly” carrying another unfit pregnancy.

The couple had been advised that things “didn’t seem good” for the pregnancy at the time they made the video, according to a caption on the video. However, a follow-up doctor’s checkup brought them some good news.

“However, between filming and now, we had another appointment when the doctor, to everyone’s amazement, heard the heartbeat and observed an embryo,” the pair explained. “Who knows what will happen, but we felt compelled to tell you.”

Whitney said in the video that no matter what happened, she “couldn’t simply move on” and not tell her fans about this critical chapter of her life. She sobbed as she acknowledged to being “scared” and distraught over the possibility of never being able to give her family another child.

Whitney previously revealed that she had a miscarriage earlier this year.

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