Amanda Garcia Calls Her ‘The Challenge’ Co-Star a ‘F******’ His Friend’s Game Is Up…


Amanda Garcia Calls Her ‘The Challenge’ Co-Star a ‘F******’ His Friend’s Game Is Up…

The interaction between Amanda Garcia, Ashley Mitchell, Cory Wharton, and Nelson Thomas on “The Challenge” is convoluted, and while it appears that some of them are on good terms with one another, there may be bad blood between two of these reality stars.

Ashley and Cory were on “The Real World: Ex-Plosion” together, while Nelson and Amanda were on “Are You the One? 3” together, thus their history is a little tangled. Ashley and Amanda are close friends both in and out of the game, and were once members of the “Lavender Ladies” alliance. Nelson and Cory are also good friends and were both members of the “TYB” alliance at the same time, two coalitions that frequently collaborated.

While the latest episode of “Spies, Lies, and Allies” aired, Ashley and Amanda exchanged opinions on social media, and it quickly became clear that the two have completely opposing views on Cory, with Ashley defending her “Rivals III” partner and Amanda accusing him of being a negative influence on Nelson.

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Amanda chastised Cory for ruining Nelson’s game and stated that she believed Nelson would be better off without him.
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Ashley Brooke Mitchell (@mtvashleybrooke) shared a post.

“Emerald acting like they need to discuss who’s going in when they already know it’s going to be Cory,” Amanda began by tweeting. They pretended to be astonished, then wished Cory luck sarcastically, telling supporters he was a “rookie wrangler” who wasn’t genuinely on the vets’ side, according to her.

“He does nothing except f*** up Nelson’s game,” Amanda wrote, explaining why she didn’t want Cory around. She joked about his removal and wrote that he should go down to the Lair to prove himself.

Amanda told her followers in another tweet that she had already reached an agreement with Josh Martinez and Devin Walker. In return for her tossing… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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