Bucs’ Saints star Bruce Arians is chastised by Bruce Arians for being ‘Owned.’


Bucs’ Saints star Bruce Arians is chastised by Bruce Arians for being ‘Owned.’

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may not have defeated the New Orleans Saints in Week 8, but at least one of their players impressed Bruce Arians.

Mike Evans, who had two receptions for 48 yards and a score in the game, “dominated” Saints cornerback Marcus Lattimore, according to Bucs head coach Jon Gruden.

On Thursday, November 4, Arians stated as much during an appearance on Bucs Total Access.

“Mike had a lot of doors open,” Arians added. “Chris [Godwin] was having such a great day, as a quarterback, you get a little enamored with a guy and keep away from him.” In this game, Mike dominated him (Lattimore).”

The figures don’t appear to be particularly spectacular at first sight. Late in the third quarter, Evans had a tremendous 41-yard touchdown pass. His impact was hardly felt on the stat sheet outside of that play.

Statistics, on the other hand, can be deceiving. Evans was wide open long after beating Lattimore for what could have been a 44-yard touchdown early in the second quarter.

The problem is that Lattimore grabbed Evans’ arm and made it impossible for him to catch the ball. There was no call, unfortunately.

This was also mentioned by Arians on Bucs Total Access.

“It’s a pity because [Evans] got grabbed when we were wide open for a touchdown,” Arians remarked. “It’s been a while since I’ve received a call. That was just enough to put him out. Another massive 50-yard touchdown would’ve been the result. So I think Mike did a fantastic job.”

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Arians may be attempting to boost Evans’ spirits.

While Evans made a tremendous play during the game — and certainly should have had another – it’s difficult to argue he “dominated” Lattimore as Arians claims.

At the end of the day, Evans only had two catches, which is consistent with his previous encounters with Lattimore. Evans, one of the game’s best receivers, is well-known for being shut down by the Saints cornerback.

According to Pro Football Focus, Evans had only nine catches on 20 targets (45.0 percent completion rate) in eight regular season games against the Saints CB before facing him in Week 8. (via Mike Giardi of NFL.com)

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