Heat’s Kyle Lowry is forced to leave the game due to a nasty ankle injury [VIDEO].


Heat’s Kyle Lowry is forced to leave the game due to a nasty ankle injury [VIDEO].

The Miami Heat’s hot streak came to an end on Thursday night as they were defeated 97-78 by the Boston Celtics at the FTX Arnea. To add insult to injury, Heat forward Kyle Lowry left the game in the third quarter and did not return.

After his teammate, sharpshooter Duncan Robinson, collided with the team’s starting point guard while attempting to draw a charge, Lowry tumbled to the ground, his left ankle rolling at an odd angle.

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The Heat’s horrible night gets even worse. Kyle Lowry has his ankle rolled and immediately rushes to the locker room. pic.twitter.com/QpmerztZxD

November 5, 2021 — Will Manso (@WillManso)

After the fall, Kyle Lowry is hopping to the locker room. Definitely in discomfort. His wrist was bothering him already. The Heat do not appear to be in excellent shape. pic.twitter.com/qMOX2DpXCX

November 5, 2021 — Wes Goldberg (@wcgoldberg)

Lowry, 35, has injured his ankle for the second time this season. Kyle Lowry rolled his right ankle and jumped off the field toward the locker room during the Heat’s season opener, which was a heart-stopping moment.

Lowry was able to return to the game, and the Heat went on to win 137-95 against the Milwaukee Bucks. Lowry, on the other hand, was declared out of the Heat’s following game against the Indiana Pacers, and his absence was felt.

Miami couldn’t keep up without its six-time All-Star and lost in overtime, 102-91. Lowry’s injury on Thursday night was minor, so fingers crossed he won’t have to miss much time.

Lowry’s injury will be updated on Friday, according to Spoelstra.

“That’s perhaps the worst offensive performance we’ve had all season…”

@MiamiHEAT | #HEATCulture pic.twitter.com/Jrh7Y7EnN2 Erik Spoelstra speaks after the HEAT’s 95-78 loss to the Celtics @MiamiHEAT | #HEATCulture pic.twitter.com/Jrh7Y7EnN2

— HEAT (@BallyHEAT) (@BallyHEAT) (@BallyHEAT) (@BallyHEAT) (@BallyHEAT) (@BallyHEAT) (

Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra didn’t have anything to say about Lowry’s injury during the postgame press conference. According to Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald, Coach Spo stated, “We’ll find out tomorrow.”

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