If the Raptors trade him, the beloved point guard ‘may return’ to the Miami Heat.


If the Raptors trade him, the beloved point guard ‘may return’ to the Miami Heat.

Over the previous nine days, there has been little doubt in the NBA that former Heat guard Goran Dragic’s tenure in Toronto, where he was transferred in the offseason as part of the Kyle Lowry transaction, could be short-lived. Dragic started for the Raptors in their first game, scored 15 points on 26.7 percent shooting in three subsequent games, and has not played on the court since October 27.

This has fueled speculation that Dragic will be traded shortly, as well as a glimmer of optimism that the popular veteran would return to the Miami Heat.

“If he’s traded and then bought out, he may return,” the Miami sports website 5ReasonsSports predicted.

Raptors are a good team.

That was something I expected.

Dragic has again another DNP-CD.

I wasn’t expecting this from him.

He might come back if he’s traded and then bought out.

November 2, 2021 — Five Reasons Sports (@5ReasonsSports)

The Heat do have a roster space open for a prospective free agent signing, as Miami only has 14 players on the roster. While Lowry has been outstanding at point guard this season, the Heat have essentially no depth behind him, with Tyler Herro serving as the backup point guard most of the time. Lowry suffered an ankle injury in Thursday’s blowout defeat to Boston, revealing the team’s lack of depth.

Dragic would be ineligible for a Heat return if he bought out the Raptors.

Getting Lowry back to the Heat will be difficult. Dragic will not be able to return to Miami if the Raptors simply buy him out, at least not until the two parties have waited a full year. That would be a no-win situation.

However, if Toronto is attempting to offload Dragic’s money to another team, one that intends to waive Dragic after the deal is completed, the Heat may have a chance. That’s because NBA rules prohibit a team from signing a player it traded after he’s been waived, but only if the team waiving him is the same one that traded him in the first place.

Dragic will become a free agent if the Raptors trade him to, say, the Thunder, and OKC decides to waive him. In that instance, Toronto would be unable to re-sign him, but the… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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