In a recent Instagram photo, Bethenny Frankel appears to be unrecognizable.


In a recent Instagram photo, Bethenny Frankel appears to be unrecognizable.

Bethenny Frankel, a former “Real Housewives of New York” star, posted a selfie on Instagram, and many are noticing how different she appears.

On November 4, Bethenny uploaded a selfie of herself glammed up for a big birthday dinner, but viewers noticed something was off about the renowned RHONY actress.

“OMG. “What did she do?” enquired one Instagram user. Several additional fans agreed with the disbelief expressed in the statement. “I didn’t even recognize her!” If it weren’t for the account’s name and a general resemblance to the Bethenny we’re all familiar with. What a tragedy…. I’m sure she’s returning to RHONY and thought she needed a makeover.”

“She reminds me of Michael Jackson,” another Instagram user said.

Others weren’t as severe, complimenting her yet still expressing their displeasure with the adjustment. Someone commented on Instagram, “Pretty but completely different face.” “I had the same thought as you. She has done something perfectly acceptable. I’m all about graceful aging. Someone else said, “It just looks different.”

Someone said, “I’m sorry Bethany, but this photo doesn’t look like you.” “Don’t get me wrong; you’re a lovely lady; it’s just this photograph.”

More admirers discussed Bethenny’s face makeover on Reddit.

On the forum, someone wrote, “We often joke about Kyle and Dorit having head transplants- but who is this?” “Stop,” someone else said, “this is a total Kyle Richards cosplay.”

“You look different what did you do to your face?” some Instagram commentators said, accusing Bethenny of having work done. Have you had your nose pierced? You have a nice appearance, but you’re different.”

In her Instagram story, Bethenny revealed photographs of an elaborately adorned table and a menu with her name at the top, as she celebrated her 51st birthday. She also posted a picture of herself and her daughter, Bryn Hoppy.

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