Is ‘Chesapeake Shores’ getting a sixth season? Celebrities React to Rumors.


Is ‘Chesapeake Shores’ getting a sixth season? Celebrities React to Rumors.

Rumors have been circulating that Hallmark may have discreetly renewed “Chesapeake Shores” for a sixth season. Meghan Ory, who plays Abby in the program, has stated on social media that she has not heard anything about the show’s renewal. So far, here’s what we know.

The rumor began after ‘Spoiler TV’ said that filming could begin in April 2022, and a new listing in ‘Production Weekly’ mentioned the series.

The story began after Spoiler TV released an article on November 4, 2021. Season 6 of “Chesapeake Shores” is “being readied for shooting in April 2022,” according to an unnamed “Production report” posted on the site. There was no link to the production report or a screenshot in the article. “We’ll post the formal press release once we get it,” it simply stated.

This report has not been confirmed by TV Series Finale, and Crown Media has not issued an announcement.

“Chesapeake Shores 06” is mentioned in a November 3, 2021 issue of Production Weekly, according to Heavy.

A membership is required to access additional information. When that information becomes available, Heavy will update this story. “Haunted by Murder,” a new “Aurora Teagarden” film, is also on the list. While the new film has yet to be officially announced by Hallmark, casting has begun.

Meghan Ory, who plays Abby on the show, said she hasn’t heard anything about Season 6 yet.

Meghan Ory, who plays Abby on “Chesapeake Shores,” took a screenshot of Spoiler TV’s photo and said she hasn’t heard anything regarding a renewal on her Instagram Story.

“Sorry @spoilertvphotos,” she wrote. However, if this is correct, @hallmarkchannel has not informed me!! However, I admire your optimism! #chessie #chesapeakeshores.”

In her next Instagram Story, she tagged all of the series’ stars. “I want to know your sources @spoilertvphotos,” she stated in a third Instagram Story.

Ory took a snapshot after the Chesapeake Shores TV Instagram account tagged Hallmark Channel in a post asking about it. “Hahah oh no #chessies!!” she posted on her next Instagram Story. There’s a lot of drama going on! I’m really curious about the origins of this story. It should be a @hallmarkmovie movie.”

Treat Williams, who plays Mick O’Brien on the show, merely tweeted the Spoiler TV piece, saying, “This is fascinating.”

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