Jets fans are outraged by Zach Wilson’s backhanded deletion of a tweet.


Jets fans are outraged by Zach Wilson’s backhanded deletion of a tweet.

And so it goes, history repeating itself. Another humiliating setback for the New York Jets in front of a national audience.

Although the loss was not his fault, the Mike White hoopla leading up to the game seemed too good to be true. For some inexplicable reason, a higher power has determined that Jets fans cannot have lovely things, despite the fact that the backup quarterback was a pretty nice thing for approximately half a week.

White left the game with a forearm injury on his throwing side, in case you missed it. He had a terrific outing, going one for two on drives with one touchdown pass and one punt. The defense reacted with one of the season’s worst performances — right up there with Week 7 in New England — and this fanbase’s hope was taken away once more.

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Jets fans are getting kicked while they’re down, according to Bleacher Report.

Of course, as a passionate fan, the game’s outcome bothered me, but not nearly as much as a simple tweet sent in the third quarter.

Bleacher Report’s football division B/R Gridiron tried to stir the fire on Twitter with a deceptive photo of Zach Wilson grinning at a comment from Corey Davis while the team was losing 42-10, with Jets nation already feeling the sting of a lifeless defense and another QB injury. The tweet was deleted because it lacked a caption.

Some fans may argue that two team captains should not be laughing during a blowout, regardless of the circumstances, and that is, to some extent, correct. However, when I saw this scenario in real time, it was clear that Wilson was amused by Davis’s remark.

Who knows what that remark was about, but you can sure it wasn’t about the game’s outcome and it didn’t come after an injury or an Indianapolis Colts touchdown. Wilson chuckled for a few seconds during a slow time, for whatever reason, before crossing his arms again in defeat.

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