Melvin Ingram explains why he did not sign with the Kansas City Chiefs during the offseason.


Melvin Ingram explains why he did not sign with the Kansas City Chiefs during the offseason.

The most arduous aspect of the Kansas City Chiefs’ deadline deal for Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Melvin Ingram was the Chiefs’ failure to sign Ingram over the summer, requiring them to give up draft capital to do so.

According to Herbie Teope of the Kansas City Star, Ingram, 32, was a free agent this offseason and visited Kansas City on March 24. He departed Missouri, though, without a contract and was a free agent until July 20, when he signed a one-year deal with Pittsburgh, according to Pro Football Reference.

So, why did Ingram, who had a one-year agreement with the Steelers worth only $4 million, opt not to sign with the defending AFC champions this offseason? During his first press conference as a member of the Chiefs on Thursday, November 4, the three-time Pro Bowler explained his decision.

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God has a plan for me, Ingram.

While Ingram didn’t go into detail about why he didn’t sign with Kansas City, he did say that his path, which began with the Steelers and ended with the Chiefs this season, was “God’s plan.”

“I don’t know, I guess God has a plan and he takes you where he wants you to go, when he wants you to go.” When asked why he didn’t sign with Kansas City over the offseason, Ingram stated, “I just feel like he had a plan for me.”

Andy Reid, the head coach, was also asked why Ingram left Kansas City without a contract this summer, and the Big Red provided no answer.

Reid said during his news conference on Wednesday, November 3, that “he simply ended up going somewhere else.” “That’s how it works part of the time.”

On Ingram’s Week 9 Availability, Reid and Spags

Reid was asked if he thought Ingram will be ready for the Chiefs’ Week 9 game against the Green Bay Packers during the same press conference.

“We’ll see how things go.” We’re not going to put him in a bad situation,” Reid explained. “He had just arrived and was able to sit… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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