Season 3’s Best Cobra Kai Easter Eggs.


Season 3’s Best Cobra Kai Easter Eggs.

Cobra Kai’s new season on Netflix may have more than just action sequences and love triangles. Though the show’s fans are engrossed in the new, largely teenage characters, the show’s heart lies in the Karate Kid film series on which it is based.

Though there are many overt references to the Karate Kid films, including a few characters from the classic 1980s series who were freshly introduced to the program, there are many other references left for the film’s most ardent fans. Dedicated fans may have noticed many Easter Eggs — subtle connections to past works – concealed throughout Season 3 that a more casual spectator may not have noticed. Although there are far too many to list in their entirety, there are a few Easter eggs worth mentioning.

The top Easter eggs in Cobra Kai season 3 are listed here.

1. Eighties Reminiscences

Characters in Cobra Kai’s third season make several references to the 1980s, a subliminal allusion to the release of The Karate Kid.

A citizen played by Adam Drescher is being interviewed by the local news media in the beginning of the first episode about the large karate brawl that broke out in the protagonists’ high school at the end of season 2, in a reference so rapid that many fans might have missed it. “I heard there was a karate attack in the mall a few of months ago,” he continues. He then turns to the camera and says, “I thought karate died back in the eighties,” a subtle reference to the film series, which finished with The Karate Kid Part III in 1989.

“Come on, Dad, it’s not 1984,” she says later in the series, when Daniel requests his daughter to leave the door open if she invites boys to the dojo.

In 1984, The Karate Kid made its debut.

2. “I’ve heard you’re a true bully!”

During the public debate over whether or not to eliminate karate from the high school entirely, Daniel pleads his case to administrators, claiming that karate saved his life. Off-screen, a man (voiced by Cobra Kai… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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