The Bears have been tasked with benching a high-paid veteran starter.


The Bears have been tasked with benching a high-paid veteran starter.

To steal a Matt Nagy phrase, the chemistry between Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields and veteran tight end Jesse James is “very real.”

Taking second-team reps together in the lead up to the regular season, the 22-year-old quarterback and the seven-year veteran developed solid chemistry, and when veteran Jimmy Graham tested positive for COVID-19 on October 19, James got an opportunity to see the field more, which he took advantage of.

Over the last two games, James has caught six passes on six targets for 58 yards and a touchdown, and most importantly, the franchise quarterback seems to enjoy throwing to him:

Jesse James Justin Fields #DaBears grab the lead

October 31, 2021 — TWSN (@TWSN___)

Insider Adam Hoge of NBC Sports recommended that Bears head coach Matt Nagy bench Graham in favor of James for this reason in his November 4 column.

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‘We Got a Connection,’ Fields says of James.

Fields, for one, told the reporters that he already has a decent sense of where James is when he’s on the field.

On November 4, Fields noted, “By throwing so many routes (to James), I can kind of simply tell where his body is going to be.” “He has a long range and a wide range.” He is free to go up and collect it. Of course, as you saw on Sunday, he can also catch the ball down low. This was a camp-based friendship…. Because of the number of reps we did in camp, he was pretty much running with my group every rep. Just that base, I believe we’ve established a connection.”

When questioned about his rookie quarterback’s bond to James, the team’s third-string tight end, Nagy said:

“You see what I mean. You can sense it. That left-handed toss he made on the first play of the third quarter? Jesse is a high-profile target. His arms are really lengthy. They do, in fact, have a connection. During the preseason, they played together. They had a few of throwbacks along the sideline… (during the preseason). As a result, I believe it is natural to have that.”

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