The Casting for a New ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Film Has Begun.


The Casting for a New ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Film Has Begun.

Crown Media is already developing a new “Aurora Teagarden,” and casting has begun. Here’s what we know about the latest episode in the Hallmark franchise so far.

‘Haunted by Murder’ is the title of the film.

According to IMDb Pro, the latest “Aurora Teagarden” film is titled “Haunted by Murder.” Martin Wood will helm the film, which was written by Teena Booth and Jim Head.

Candace Cameron Bure, Lexa Doig, Marilu Henner, Niall Matter, and Peter Benson will star in the film. According to a November 2 update, the film is now in pre-production. For the new picture, Pieter Stathis is in charge of cinematography, and Brad Rines is in charge of film editing.

The movie has yet to be given a release date.

“When Aurora’s mother purchases an iconic ‘haunted’ property to flip, it resurrects a decades-old unsolved murder,” according to a casting post.

Please keep in mind that the titles of the films may change. Early names of “Aurora Teagarden” installments have occasionally altered by the time they were formally revealed by Crown Media in the past. The title of Aurora’s wedding film was originally “Cold Feet & a Cold Case,” but it was eventually changed to “Til Death Do Us Part.”

Casting for the new film has already begun.

With @candacecbure, (VAN) CANDICE ELZINGA casts HAUNTED BY MURDER, the latest in the AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERY series for Hallmark. Aurora’s mother resurrects a decades-old unsolved murder when she buys a notorious “haunted” mansion to flip. @ 411 @

October 29, 2021 — CastingAbout (@CastingAbout)

According to a tweet from Casting About, Candice Elzinga is casting for the next film. This will be the 18th installment of the “Aurora Teagarden” series. Filming for the 17th film was completed in April.

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All of the “Aurora Teagarden” films were shot in Canada.

“Honeymoon, Honeymurder” was the most recent “Aurora Teagarden” film to air. Heavy’s review of the film, which aired in August, can be seen here.

The following is a list of all Aurora Teagarden films that have been filmed or that we are aware of so far:

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