The Lions’ Week 9 rooting interests are expected to keep a firm grip on the top pick.


The Lions’ Week 9 rooting interests are expected to keep a firm grip on the top pick.

The Detroit Lions have a bye in Week 9, so they’re taking it easy and recharging for the second half, which starts next week.

Even though the Lions are on the road, it will be intriguing to see how the standings play out as the team tries to keep their first overall pick. The Lions will be guaranteed to remain in first place in the standings if they don’t win, but they’d like to see some breathing room supplied by other teams’ victories.

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There are plenty of games this week that will help determine how things play out in the future, and the Lions should be rooting for numerous things to assist them out in the future.

When the Lions are off this week, what should supporters be watching the most? Here’s a look at some of the best games to remember from the Lions’ recent history.

The New York Giants defeated the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Giants believe they will be in contention for the first overall pick as the season progresses, so the more wins they can rack up now, the better for Detroit. The Giants play the Raiders this week, and the Lions will be rooting for the Giants to win. The Raiders’ season may be on the verge of collapsing, but the Giants pose a more immediate threat to Detroit’s draft status right now. To slide farther down the pecking order, Detroit will have to hope for a good day out of New York.

The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Buffalo Bills.

The Jaguars would want to add another win to their resume in the most unexpected of ways, and the Lions would love to see them do so. The Bills are obviously a very talented club, so betting on the Jaguars to simply win this game is perhaps not a wise idea. Still, in the NFL, upsets happen all the time, so Detroit will be hoping that the “any given Sunday” mantra holds true… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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