The Rams’ gameplan could be drastically altered if Von Miller is traded.


The Rams’ gameplan could be drastically altered if Von Miller is traded.

Before the Los Angeles Rams traded for Von Miller, Raheem Morris requested him.

Miller was a star even before he took his first NFL snap.

The first-year defensive coordinator offered a “funny story” about how he thought Miller would become a Tampa Bay Buccaneer while speaking to the Los Angeles reporters on Thursday, November 4 for the first time since Monday’s blockbuster trade to improve the Ram defense.

“I remember when he was drafted, I was on a 4-3 (defensive) squad at the time. “We discussed Von not being a good fit because he wasn’t a 4-3 linebacker, but he was an outside linebacker,” Morris recalled.

So, in April of 2011, what was the Buccaneers’ then-head coach’s suggestion?

“I told you to adjust the scheme,” she said. Morris said something that got a lot of laughs. “And I meant it with everything I had, every fiber of my soul.”

Unfortunately, as Morris described it, “he never made it to us.” The Texas A&M standout was selected second overall by the Denver Broncos. Morris and the Buccaneers couldn’t pick until the 20th round… and eventually settled on Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn.

But, now that Miller is on board, what does this signify for the Rams’ game plan moving forward?

Morris Unveils Miller’s Strategy

With Miller now officially on board in Los Angeles, national analysts are speculating on how he’ll fit into Morris’ unit, which leads the league in sacks with 25 through eight games.

One question is where Miller would fall on the political spectrum.

Raheem Morris will have to find out how to bring Von Miller, Aaron Donald, and Leonard Floyd together. This is where they’ve aligned this season, according to @PFF:


218 shots for Donald
Von: 33 Floyd: 37 Floyd: 37 Floyd: 37 Floyd: 37 Floyd: 37 Floyd


232 snaps for Donald
Von: 277 Floyd: 378 Floyd: 378 Floyd: 378 Floyd: 378 Floyd: 3

November 3, 2021 — Sosa Kremenjas (@QBsMVP)

Another option is for the Rams to use him in a blitz scheme similar to this one against the Houston Texans:

Von Miller was added to *this*

November 4, 2021 — Nate Tice (@Nate Tice)

Morris, on the other hand, claims to have adopted this strategy with the new Ram.

“You know, for a guy like Von, you can do whatever you want. He’s accomplished a… Nokia News – Quick Recap


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