Why are all of the new “Star Trek” ships so angular? ..


Why are all of the new “Star Trek” ships so angular? ..

Matt Jefferies produced the initial concept for the USS Enterprise, working relentlessly to create something futuristic, simple, elegant, and feasible to be built and filmed. Jefferies designed a number of designs, each one expanding on the previous one’s advancements.

“I eventually came up with something I thought had potential,” Jefferies says in “Star Trek – The Original Series: A Celebration,” a new book from Hero Collector. In 2003, Jefferies passed away.

Because of the ship’s speed, Jefferies reasoned, “there had to be tremendously powerful engines.” “They might be harmful to be near, so we need place them somewhere, which is also to make them what we call the QCU — a Quick Change Unit — where you can easily take one off and put another on,” says the pilot.

“I didn’t want a saucer for the hull because of the name ‘flying saucer,'” Jefferies explained. “Of course, the best pressure vessel is a ball. As a result, I began to experiment with it. However, the mass got in the way, and the ball was rendered useless. “I guess we ended up with a saucer!” I leveled it out.

Design by Matt Jefferies

In the end, Jefferies’ Enterprise became one of science fiction’s most famous and iconic concepts. His work on the Enterprise’s appearance, even if it was only for the outside, would affect design in science fiction and in real life. The proposal was founded on Jefferies’ perceptions of space’s practical constraints.

With the two nacelles and the saucer, his fundamental design would remain for all three seasons of “The Original Series,” “The Animated Series,” and the seven Trek films starring the TOS cast. Even modified variants of this fundamental design, such as the Grissom, Excelsior, and Reliant, retained the spherical saucer and nacelles protruding from the back.

As a result of these triumphs, a set of Roddenberry Rules was formed, which served as a guide for future Trek designers. These criteria were given to designer Andrew Probert by the creator himself, Gene Roddenberry, according to Ex Astris Scientia.

Enterprise-D of Probert

Probert was a member of Roddenberry’s team… Nokia News – Quick Summary


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