After snapping a losing streak, Vikings’ Mike Zimmer has a strong message.


After snapping a losing streak, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer has a strong message for his team.

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer expressed his frustration with the team’s two-game losing streak before Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Zimmer said in a November interview, “I like to win.”

After the game, there will be a press conference at 15 p.m.

“It’s no secret that I despise losing.

This week, I talked to them about how much I despise it.”

He channeled his frustrations by telling his team that they would be the aggressors on Sunday.

“I expected the Chargers to go for it on fourth down a lot more today than they did.”

Zimmer said, “I just told the team we’re going to be aggressive.”

“If we get beat because we fake punt and don’t get it, we just have to take it and stop them on defense.”

The Vikings did just that, converting twice on fourth down, including a four-yard run by Dalvin Cook on the game’s final drive, which effectively sealed a 27-20 victory and resurrected the Vikings’ season.

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Dalvin Cook and the Vikings convert a huge 4th down conversion.

CJ Ham is having a great day as a blocker.

15 November 2021 — Sean Borman (@SeanBormanNFL)

Having Fun While Playing

The Vikings embodied a win-at-all-costs mentality in the fourth quarter, after showing a tendency to play conservatively with the game on the line in recent weeks.

They snatched the ball and controlled possession time from 10:07 to 4:53.

“I couldn’t care less about (the four-minute drill),” Zimmer said of the game-winning drive.

“I wanted us to hold the ball.”

That’s exactly what we were aiming for — to go score if necessary and keep the clock ticking.

We won the game because they used their timeouts.”

Cook rushed for 94 yards and a touchdown, while also catching three passes for 24 yards.

After an ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic assault, his Week 10 status became a talking point throughout the week.

The Vikings ended their two-game losing streak coming out of the bye week, so it didn’t prove to be a significant distraction.

“Dalvin is a tough guy who never gives up.”

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