Blake Shelton’s fans are worried that a new TikTok means he’ll be leaving ‘The Voice.’


Blake Shelton’s fans are worried that a new TikTok means he’ll be leaving ‘The Voice.’

Blake Shelton recently celebrated his 500th episode as a coach on NBC’s “The Voice” with a new TikTok video.

Shelton’s fellow coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Ariana Grande walk in and express their disbelief as they watch him eat a large cake without using a fork.

Clarkson inquires, “Oh my God, are you still eating the cake?”

“Shelton, that’s a big one,” Legend mocks.

Shelton claims he has earned the cake because he has surpassed the 500-episode mark.

“I’d give you guys a piece,” he jokes, “but this is the final piece.”

Grande responds, “I don’t think there’s enough for us anyway.”

Some fans expressed concern in the comments section that Shelton might be leaving after season 21.

“If he leaves, the show won’t be the same,” one TikTok user wrote. “He makes the show, which is why millions watch his humor is appealing.”

“If Blake doesn’t return, I’m definitely going to stop watching,” another said.

Shelton is the only coach to have appeared on all 21 seasons of “The Voice.”

Clarkson joined Season 14 in 2018 and Legend joined Season 16 in 2019.

Grande is coaching for the first time in Season 21.

Shelton hasn’t spoken about his plans to leave the show, and NBC hasn’t hinted that he’ll be replaced next season.

On Monday, November 15th, the Top 13 will put on a show.

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NBC’s The Voice (@nbcthevoice) shared a tweet.

The top 13 contestants will perform on “The Voice” on Monday, November 15, and viewers at home will vote for their favorites.

Wendy Moten, Paris Winnginham, and Lana Scott are the final members of Shelton’s team.

Shelton told Moten that she deserved to win during her top 20 performance.

The most votes were cast for Moten and Winningham by Team Blake.

Scott was then saved by Shelton, who noted that she was the only remaining country singer in the competition.

The remaining 13 contestants are as follows:

Team KellyJeremy RosadoGymani

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