Can Deebo Samuel of the 49ers beat ‘Megatron’s’ record from 2012?


Can Deebo Samuel of the 49ers beat ‘Megatron’s’ 2012 record?

At around 5:15 p.m.,

When the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers meet at Levi’s Stadium at 7:30 p.m. PT, two of the league’s best — and most talked about — wide receivers will finally share the same field.

Yes, it’s a Monday Night Football game, and three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will make his debut for the Rams.

However, the 49ers’ Deebo Samuel and the Rams’ Cooper Kupp lead the league in receiving yards and are having their best seasons yet…

And they’re being compared to Calvin “Megatron” Johnson’s 1,964-yard season in 2012.

I joined fellow Heavy analyst Brian Mazique on “I’m Just Saying” to break it all down before this MNF matchup.

My prediction is that the record will fall as a result of the extra game.


“It doesn’t matter to me if it doesn’t happen in week 16,” Mazique said.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown.

If it’s before Game No. 1, the record will look even better.


I agreed with my Heavy colleague’s assessment of the 17-game schedule: I’m not a fan.

I’m used to playing 16 games at a time.

Money is a motivator for seventeen.

Here’s what we both mentioned, which I’ll bring up here:

The 2012 record is 1,964 yards in a 16-game schedule set by “Megatron.”

Jerry Rice, however, held the previous record with 1,848 yards in the 1995 season.

Johnson was the first player to enter game No.

With 1,667 yards against the Atlanta Falcons on December 22, 2012, he was 15 for Detroit.

He hit 225 yards in the final home game of the season, breaking Rice’s record.

Starting with Samuel, here’s where things stand for both receivers:

Yards: Samuel has 882 yards in eight games, averaging 110.25 yards per game.

Samuel has surpassed triple digits in yardage in half of the 49ers’ games this season.

In comparison to Johnson’s 2012 season, “Megatron” had the same number of 100-yard games halfway through the 16-game season.

Samuel, on the other hand, has amassed more yardage in eight games than Johnson (767).

Future pass defenses: Including the Monday Night Football game, Samuel will face defenses that have already given up 2,147 aerial yards or more in eight games — all from the Vikings…

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