Cory Wharton Is Leaving MTV’s “The Challenge” Unexpectedly


Cory Wharton Is Leaving MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Unexpectedly

According to ShowBiz Cheat Sheet, Cory Wharton, alum of “Teen Mom OG,” has announced his departure from the MTV reality show “The Challenge.” Cory first appeared on season 27, which aired in 2016, according to ShowBiz Cheat Sheet.

Since then, he has appeared in nine seasons of the show, reaching the finals four times, according to ShowBiz Cheat Sheet.

Cory explained why he decided to leave the show in a recent Instagram post.

Cory wishes to spend more time with his parents and siblings.

On Instagram, see this photo.

Cory Wharton (@corywharton_ig) shared this.

Cory announced his departure from “The Challenge” in a November 2021 Instagram post, saying he wants to spend more time with his daughters.

“So, we took this picture right after I surprised Ryder at her T-ball game after finishing this season of the challenge.

I recall picking up that dandelion with Ryder and telling him, “OK, now we have to blow on it and make a wish.”

“I just remember Ryder blowing on it and her saying, ‘I hope you don’t go back on the challenge,’ and I knew right then that I needed to leave the show,” Cory wrote in the caption.

Cory revealed on Instagram that his daughters played a major role in his decision to leave.

“It’s a sign,” he wrote in the post, “when my four-year-old tells me daddy I don’t want you to go and my other one-year-old couldn’t even recognize me when I came home from double agents.”

Cory came in second place in the 36th season of “The Challenge.”

In the comments, fans of the reality TV star expressed their support for his decision.

“Going to miss you on the show Cory!!!! But family first,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “Amazing human and father choosing your family is everything [red heart emoji].”

Cory has two children.

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Cory Wharton (@corywharton_ig) shared a post.

Ryder, 4, and Mila, 1, are Cory’s children.

According to The Sun, he shares Ryder with his ex-girlfriend Cheyenne Floyd, whom he met on “The Challenge” in 2016.

Cory and longtime girlfriend Taylor Selfridge welcomed their first child, Mila, in April 2020.

According to The Sun, the couple had been on and off for years prior to Mila’s birth.

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