‘Elbow Them in the Head,’ the Heat star says of his altercation with Tyler Herro.


‘Elbow Them in the Head,’ the Heat star says of his altercation with Tyler Herro.

The Miami Heat’s five-game road trip comes to an end on Monday night when they face the Oklahoma City Thunder, in which they’ll try to build on their 111-105 win over the Utah Jazz.

The Heat (8-5) are still trying to find their offensive rhythm, especially since their offensive strategy is so different from last season’s, especially when it comes to rebounding.

This season, Miami has led the league in rebounds per game, after finishing second to last last season.

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Getting a handle on rebounds has gotten a lot easier since PJ Tucker and Kyle Lowry joined the Heat’s roster, but stealing rebounds was a point of contention between center Bam Adebayo and guard Tyler Herro before those two veteran facilitators were signed in free agency.

For Miami, it was one of the game’s most crucial plays.

Bam Adebayo’s incredible offensive rebound over two guys and Tyler Herro’s rhythmic fourth-quarter triple over Trae Young pic.twitter.com7mRsF6rljJ

March 1, 2021 — Brady Hawk (@BradyHawk305)

“You’ve got guards in there trying to steal a rebound,” Adebayo said, citing an incident with Tyler Herro to Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman in particular.

“I try to elbow them in the head a lot.”

Don’t expect a rebound from me.

Tyler is not compensated for rebounding.”

Of course, Adebayo mentioned the incident with a smile on his face, but it’s an incident that’s easy to laugh about now that the Heat aren’t ranked 29th in rebounding among the NBA’s 30 teams.

“This year, we’ve got a lot of physicality,” Adebayo continued.

“PJ is down low, and you have him.”

‘Kief [Markieff Morris] is down low with you.

Tyler will try to steal a rebound every now and then.

We’re going for the 50-50 balls.

Those in-between balls are what we live by.

“Who will be the first to get it?” says the narrator.

Herro also admitted that he had a squabble with backup center Dewayne Dedmon.

“The goal is to protect the rim and assist in rebounding the…

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