In a heartfelt letter, a ‘Survivor’ winner thanks the cast of ‘Survivor 41.’


In a heartfelt letter, a ‘Survivor’ winner expresses gratitude to the cast of ‘Survivor 41.’

Denise Stapley, the winner of “Survivor: Philippines,” recently took to Twitter in an “open letter” to thank the contestants of “Survivor 41” for their participation in the current season. Here’s what you need to know.

On ‘Survivor’ Conditions, Denise vented her frustrations.

Although most fans have no idea what it’s like to be on the beaches of “Survivor,” a select few, like Denise, have been there and know how difficult it is.

“The rain we experienced for days on end was miserable,” she wrote in an open letter, describing the difficult conditions in the Philippines.

Denise’s physical torment began on day 36 of the season, when she awoke with severe pain in her neck, which she assumed was caused by a bug bite.

The episode featured this event.

She went on to say that her time on the show has been filled with both physical and emotional anguish.

Despite the fact that her subsequent season, “Winners at War,” was a “cake walk” physically, she returned “emotionally spent…The depravation was completely different.”

Denise, a therapist, then went on to offer some advice to the show’s current and future contestants.

Despite the hardships, she claimed that everyone who applied did so for a reason.

During their time in the game, they did the following:


Yes, we do.

And it isn’t just for the money.

It could be a voice, courage, reflection, or a shift in perspective that we sorely needed.

Perhaps it’s the allure of the simple adventure.

We do, however, receive something.

She wrapped up by saying that “Survivor” was just a game and that “no matter what happens…people on both sides of the island are going to suck…They’ll get over it…And if they don’t[,] it doesn’t matter.”

“Above all else,” says the other.

Do what you want to do.”

Denise also revealed that her time on “Survivor” had come to an end, and that she would not be returning in the future.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapilly continue watching from THIS side of the screen,” she

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