In the midst of the backlash, Alex Caruso sends a message to the Lakers: ‘Oh S***.’


‘Oh S***,’ says Alex Caruso in response to the Lakers’ backlash.

When a portion of his conversation with ex-NBA player JJ Redick about his departure from the Lakers went viral, former Lakers guard Alex Caruso had the perfect response: “oh s***.” During an interview with The Athletic’s Bill Oram, Caruso admitted he was surprised when a portion of his conversation with Redick went viral.

Caruso said, “I was just like, Oh s***.”

“I forgot how much people actually care about it.”

Caruso dismissed rumors that the Lakers were unwilling to re-sign him, citing the team’s financial constraints as the primary reason for his departure.

Many fans were enraged that general manager Rob Pelinka had lowballed him on his way out of Los Angeles, so the ex-Lakers guard attempted to assist his former team.

“I think the biggest issue is that people are trying to find a flaw in it,” Caruso continued.

“And I truly believe it’s more of a social media narrative of fans who are possibly missing me.”

… It’s not like (the Lakers) didn’t want me back or that I didn’t want to return.

We were able to win a championship as a team.

It would be fantastic to do that again.”

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The Bulls signed Caruso to a four-year, $36.9 million contract.

Caruso signed a four-year, $36.9 million contract with the Bulls, which will pay him $8.6 million this season.

According to Oram, the Lakers’ proposed three-year, (dollar)21 million contract was nowhere near the Bulls’ offer.

“However, when [Caruso’s agent Greg Lawrence] informed Caruso that the Lakers would not match the offer, Caruso requested that his agent call him back with a compromise: two years, (dollar)20 million,” Oram explained.

“While the Bulls’ offer was for just under (dollar)10 million over four years, only (dollar)30 million was guaranteed.

A yearly offering of (dollar)10 million would have been appropriate.

“The Lakers declined once more.

Their offer remained at (dollar)21 million for three years, solidifying a pre-existing perception.

The Lakers refused to pay the luxury tax in order to keep one of their most valuable role players.

On August 1, they made their first free agency call to Caruso.

2, but they didn’t move…

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