The Raiders have received devastating injury news about their team captain, according to reports.


The Raiders have received devastating injury news regarding their team captain, according to reports.

This season, the Raiders can’t seem to get a break.

The team has dropped two straight games and is now without a key player for the remainder of the season.

Due to an injury, fullback Alec Ingold had to leave Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs early.

He was wheeled into the locker room and promptly ruled out.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the Raiders’ worst fears were realized when an MRI revealed he had torn his ACL.

Alec Ingold’s isolated ACL tear was confirmed by an MRI, according to a source.

There was no damage to any other ligaments.

Brutal defeat.

But for 2022, he’ll be fine. https:t.cokM0nYhHfQO

November 15, 2021, Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero)

The silver lining is that the tear was isolated, and no other ligament damage has occurred.

Pelissero stated that even though his 2021 season is over, he will be ready for 2022.

Despite the fact that fullbacks have fallen out of favor in the NFL, Ingold has emerged as a key player for the Raiders.

He was named team captain before the season began and has caught 10 passes for 85 yards.

Ingold is one of the league’s best fullbacks, and Las Vegas uses him in a variety of packages.

The team will now need to find a new player.

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Cracked Ribs Afflicted Jalen Richard.

Ingold’s injury wasn’t the only one the Raiders’ backfield had to deal with.

Jalen Richard, a backup running back, also left the game early and did not return.

Richard cracked his ribs and had to go to the hospital, according to Tashan Reed of The Athletic.

(hashtag)According to a source, Raiders running back Jalen Richard has cracked ribs and will be taken to the hospital.

This is in addition to fullback Alec Ingold’s injury, which is thought to be a torn ACL, according to an NFL Network report.

— November 15, 2021, Tashan Reed (@tashanreed)

While that is a terrible injury, it isn’t nearly as serious as Ingold’s.

Richard will be out for a few weeks, but he should be back before the season’s end.

This is a disappointing development for the running back, who missed the first four games of the season due to a foot injury he sustained prior to the start of the season.

Richard doesn’t think so…

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